Due to a variety of circumstances, students may not perform to the best of their abilities on the placement test; therefore, students may be eligible to challenge their placement test results.
Please review the following information carefully regarding Challenge tests at Bergen Community College.

  • Challenge tests are offered for the following parts of the Accuplacer Examination:
    1. Basic Mathematics (MAT-010, MAT-011, or MAT-012)
    2. Elementary Algebra or (QAS) Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (MAT-031,MAT-035, MAT-040, or MAT-048)
    3. Developmental English (EBS-011, EBS-021, or EBS-033)
    4. ALP/ESL placement
    5. ALP/ESL Speech placement
  • A Basic Mathematics placement must be satisfied before a Challenge test may be taken for Elementary Algebra or Quantitative Reasoning (QAS), Algebra, and Statistics .
    In order for your Basic Mathematics placement to be considered satisfied, you must have:
    1. A score of 77 or higher on the Arithmetic portion of the Classic Accuplacer exam
    2. A score of 264 or higher on the Arithmetic portion of the Next Generation Accuplacer exam
    3. Have successfully completed MAT-011/MAT-012 (Basic Mathematics).
  • Only one Challenge test is permitted per day.
  • Since a placement may be challenged only one time, students are strongly encouraged to study for the Challenge tests.
    To obtain practice and review materials visit the following Accuplacer Study Guides Web page.
    Textbooks are also available to use in the BCC library.
  • Eligible students interested in taking the Accuplacer Challenge exam have the following options:

Option 1: In-person testing

  • In person testing is available, on a walk-in basis, between 9:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M.
  • To take an in-person test/exam, please report to the One Stop, Pitkin Education Center, at the College’s main campus in Paramus, NJ.
  • Bring a valid physical picture ID. Pictures of ID cards on electronic devices (e.g., cellphone, tablet, camera...) are not accepted as proof of identity.
  • There is no fee.

Option 2: Virtual/Remote online testing

  • Remote online testing is available for a $25 fee and will be done by appointment.
  • Please email [email protected] for further instructions. Remember to include your Bergen Student ID number.
  • Students are not permitted to use a cellphone to take the placement test.

For questions or further information, please contact The Office of Testing Services at (201) 447-7203, email us at [email protected], or visit us in the One Stop in the Pitkin Education Center on the Paramus Campus.

Please note:

  1. The Office of Testing Services cannot answer specific questions over the phone about a student or the student’s challenge test results.
  2. All students must come to Office Testing Services/One Stop, Room OS-102, Pitkin Education Center (1st Floor), at the College’s main camous in Paramus, NJ with government issued photo identification to receive specific information about their student record.
  3. Third parties never receive specific information about a student as per The Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For more information about FERPA at BCC – click here.