Location: L-125
Phone: (201) 447-7489

One-On-One Appointments

The CLAC offers current BCC students free one-on-one tutoring in most subjects offered at the college:

  • Students may schedule a 50 minute appointment with one of our many Peer or Professional tutors in room L-125
  • Students are permitted to receive up to two appointments for each registered subject (maximum six appointments total) per week

Study Groups

The CLAC offers weekly study groups for a variety of subjects:

  • Faculty may choose to initiate this service to supplement lecture based courses.
  • Trained tutors facilitate a Q&A designed session where students have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers.
  • Held in the CLAC, study groups are formed based on faculty and/or student request.

For further information about this service, please visit the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center in room L-125.

In-Class Tutoring

In-Class Tutoring is designed to provide students with additional support during class. An In-Class Tutor attends class on a weekly basis and actively assists students who may not seek help on their own.

  • In-Class Tutors encourage students to utilize the resources of the CLAC and become more comfortable approaching faculty with questions and concerns regarding course material. In-Class Tutors may also arrange study groups upon faculty and students’ request.
  • Although In-Class Tutors work closely with faculty members, they do not serve as teaching assistants or conduct lectures/labs.
  • In-Class tutorial support is most successful with courses/sections in which students are given hands-on activities during class time.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning-enhancement program based on the Socratic method; ultimately, the SI model combines “what to learn with how to learn.”

  • The SI Leader, a specially trained tutor, attends every class of the participating course/section. SI Leaders are model students; they take notes while planning their weekly SI sessions and follow the faculty member’s methodology.
  • SI sessions are scheduled in the CLAC based on the availability of the students from the participating course/section. Each session is designed to help students review course material while developing effective study habits.
  • SI Leaders work in conjunction with the faculty and the CLAC Supervisors. This closely monitored service begins the first day of the semester.

Online Tutoring

The CLAC provides web-based tutoring via Webex. Support is available for over 200 courses offered at BCC.

Permanent Appointments

Permanent appointments are provided to students registered with the Office of Specialized Services (OSS) and the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) office based on available resources. The Cerullo Learning Assistance Center, upon receiving the designated tutorial service forms from the eligible students each semester, will be able to schedule tutorial sessions with a set tutor and subject that will remain consistent for the entire semester.

To request permanent appointments, please visit our tutoring forms page. Select the “Request for Permanent Appointments” link. If you have an accommodation for permanent appointments, you must submit a copy of your Letter of Accommodations to the Tutoring Center via email to ckaup@bergen.edu or in person in room L-125.

Please review our Cancellation Policy for permanent appointments.

Conversation Groups

The Intercultural Conversation Program is a program that matches international students with native English speaking students for the opportunity to engage in meaningful cross-cultural exchanges. Effective communication skills and the promotion of cultural awareness are developed through student conversations. The goal of the program is to strengthen discussion skills, expand knowledge of cultures and build relationships among our students at Bergen Community College.

Intercultural Conversations allow students to:

  • Get to know someone from another culture
  • Develop language and listening skills
  • Improve verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Increase cultural awareness and cross-cultural competencies
  • Create friendships
  • Engage in a meaningful learning experience


The CLAC offers a variety of workshops throughout the year facilitated by both tutors and BCC Faculty. The various topics covered are advertised throughout the semester.