Throughout the academic year, faculty and students will request certain data reports from Institutional Research. If these reports are deemed beneficial to the school as a whole, they will be shared here under the Reports section.

The Annual Institutional Profiles

The Annual Institutional Profiles provide a summary of the relevant institutional data, as well as Bergen Community College’s accomplishments and contributions to the community.

IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) Data Feedback Reports are intended to provide institutions with a context for examining the data they submitted to IPEDS. The purpose of these reports is to provide institutional executives a useful resource and to help improve the quality and comparability of IPEDS data.

National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement

Centered at the Tufts Institute for Democracy & Higher Education, the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement aims to objectively examine student and institution-level data on student registration and voting rates. The study shares individualized reports to participating colleges.

The Selection of Bergen Community College’s Peer Institutions

The Selection of Bergen Community College’s Peer Institutions Report details the process by which Bergen Community College selected its new peer institutions in 2017. Being able to reference institutional characteristics and performance metrics from a valid group of peer institutions is a valuable tool as the College makes institutional decisions.


Bergen Community College’s Economic Impact Study

In March 2017, Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. was commissioned by Bergen Community College to do an Economic Impact Study that assesses the impact the College has on the regional economy and the benefits generated by it for students, taxpayers, and society. The results of this study can be found in the three reports below.


The Graduate Profiles

The Graduate Profiles highlight the demographic makeup of the graduates and the program information for the degrees and certificates awarded during the given academic year.

Voluntary Framework of Accountability

The Voluntary Framework of Accountability is the principle accountability framework for community colleges with measures defined to encompass the full breadth of the community college mission and the diversity of students’ goals and educational experiences.

Other Reports

Institutional Research completes other annual reports that do not fall under any specific category, but could still be of use to the public. These reports are posted below.

  • Data Boxes 2014 – 2018 Report IR - Doc Icon includes enrollment information for the past five fall semesters, number of degrees awarded for the past five academic years and number of students who transferred from the program to another 2- or 4- year college over the same five year period.
  • Graduation and Course Completion Rates IR - Doc Icon graphically displays four years of graduation rates by race/ethnicity as well as nine semesters of course completion rates by race/ethnicity for Developmental courses, General Education courses, and some of the most commonly taken courses at the College.
  • Student Achievement Measure (SAM) is supported by six sponsoring associations, working together to provide a more comprehensive and accurate picture of student progress and completion.
  • Summer Intensive Program Data Brief IR - Doc Icon is a comprehensive look at the four cohorts of the Summer Intensive/Teaneck Senior Service Program dating back to the program’s launch in Summer 2013.