Institutional Research is required to conduct various surveys throughout the academic year. After a survey is administered and the data is collected the resulting report will be posted here.

CCSSE – Community College Survey of Student Engagement

CCSSE is the survey instrument of the Center for Community College Student Engagement. The purpose of the survey is to assess student engagement through institutional practices and student behavior.


Graduate Follow-Up Survey Report

The primary objective of the Graduate Follow-Up Survey is to assess the extent to which students feel the College’s programs, facilities and services have enabled them to achieve their personal, educational and professional goals.


The Stop-Out Survey Report

The Stop-Out Survey is administered to students who had enrolled at Bergen Community College in a given semester who had not re-enrolled in a following semester. The intent of the survey is to learn the various reasons why these students failed to return to BCC.


The Graduate Transfer Experience Report

The Graduate Transfer Experience Report presents data collected from a ten-question survey sent to graduates of BCC who had transferred to a four-year institution.


PACE – Personal Assessment of the College Environment

PACE is administered by the National Initiative for Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness (NILIE). The survey is administered by e-mail to college employees as an instrument of assessing the college environment.