Services to students during the COVID-19 pandemic are mostly remote.
The following is to assist students with understanding what services are rendered along with links and other important information.
The campus is not open.
Any changes to the in-person service schedule will also appear here (please revisit this page).

Online Registration

  • Online Registration begins midnight on April 1, 2021 (at 12:00 AM   – the night of March 31st ).
  • Online registration is available to current students that have no restrictions. New and Visiting students may also enjoy access if they are returning and already enjoyed remote access.
  • Students not meeting academic requirements may have online registration access restricted. Usually students are notified by email with process to permit access.
  • Students taking remedial courses may have online access restrictions.
  • Students that are not matriculated (nor pursuing a program towards graduation)  may have online restrictions.
  • Students that have not provided immunization documents may have online restrictions.
  • Visiting Students (Matriculated at other colleges taking courses at Bergen), should always ensure that they have permission to take the specific course at Bergen, and that their home institution would accept in transfer back and be applied to your degree. Visiting students may take up to 11 credits as Non-Matriculated students.
  • Visiting students must reapply for Admission each Winter and Summer term. Additional information below and

Remote Registration

Remote Registration begins on Thursday, April 8, 2021  at 8:00 AM – User Name and Password are required to register.

  • Remote Registration serves in place of the One Stop Windows that were open to in-person registration on the Paramus campus prior to COVID-19.
  • Remote Registration requires that students research the courses they intend to register for as they would need the course and section number to complete the Remote Registration Form (RRF) to register.
  • Students may review the schedule of available offerings online and through the self-service portal (username and password required). The schedule posting may be delayed and not be available until the start of registration. Should it be available earlier, it will be posted here, but it is recommended that students visit the Self-Service portal often.
  • Students should use the RRF to drop classes in the same manner as they did to register.
  • Once the Withdrawal period ensues, which is after the Add/Drop period for any term, the Remote Withdrawal Form (RWF) will be available.

Remote Testing

Remote/Distance Learning

Coming soon to this page

  • Remote Advising/Counseling;
  • Remote Services for Special Needs (OSS).

Here to help. Explore the links and emails below for assistance

IT Help Desk

  • For assistance with account access, password reset and technical assistance.
  • Phone: 201-447-7109
  • E-mail:

Helpful Links

Helpful Office Email Addresses

During peak registration periods in August/September and January/February, the best way to communicate with Bergen departments and staff is through email.