Accommodations for HESI and TEAS Entrance Examinations

Process for Students Requesting Accommodations for a Health Professions Admissions Exam:

Step 1: Complete the Request for Distance Testing Accommodation(s) Form (below)
Step 2: Obtain disability documentation meeting the following criteria:

  • Must be typed or printed on official letterhead and signed by an evaluator qualified to make the diagnosis
  • Include name, title, and phone number of medical authority or specialist
  • Clearly state the diagnosed disability or disabilities
  • Description of the disability which details the extent of the disability, the criteria for the diagnosis, the diagnosis, the type and length of treatment
  • Describe the specific accommodation(s) requested, as it pertains to testing
  • Completed within the last 5 years

Step 3: Submit this ADA Distance Testing Accommodation Request Form & supporting documentation to:

Step 4: Do not schedule your testing appointment with Prometric until you have received a response from the Elsevier Special Accommodations Team. Typically, a response to an accommodation request is given within six (6) weeks.


Process for Requesting Accommodations for the Nursing Entrance Exam (TEAS)

  • This test is currently being offered by ATI (Assessment Technology Institute)
  • The Testing Center is PSI
  1.  Student should create their account on ATI
  2. Click on “online store”
  3. Click on “TEAS @ PSI”
  4. Click on “Nursing” program
  5. Click on “Learn More”
  6. Click on the Blue Letter:  ADA Accommodation Link it will direct the student to submit their documentation here.
  7. For more detailed instructions on creating an account with ATI and registration for this exam please see: HOW TO REGISTER FOR THE TEAS ASSESSMENT AT A PSI SITE