Students with temporary injuries or illnesses do not need to follow the formal accommodation process as outlined in the OSS guidelines.
They can request and receive services through the Office of Specialized Services on a temporary basis.

Temporary Injury/Illness Definition

Examples of Temporary Injuries and Sickness include a broken leg/arm, concussion, surgery recovery, pregnancy, and pregnancy related conditions.

Accommodations Request for Temporary Injury/Illness

  • Students should visit or contact our office and ask to speak with a Resource Accommodations Specialist about the temporary injury/illness accommodation eligibility process.
  • Students should be prepared to provide documentation from a treating medical professional stipulating expected temporary limitations, anticipated recovery time, and recommended accommodations.

Contact Information

For more information or assistance, contact OSS by phone: 201-612-526, by email: or visit our main office in Room L-115, Pitkin Education Center at the College’s main campus in Paramus, NJ.