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The Office of Specialized Services hires Notetakers and Student Assistants each semester to provide support for students with Notetaking or other Accommodations.
If you are interested, please review the note taker expectations and responsibilities, then contact us to fill out the Notetaker/Student Assistant availability form paperwork for review and consideration.
Filling out the paperwork does not guarantee you will be hired as a notetaker; the hiring process depends on your qualifications and the availability of your schedule compared to available note taking assignments.

Be a Notetaker!

The notetaker will take notes of classroom lectures, class discussions, and other oral and written communication by instructors and classmates for students who are eligible for the notetaking accommodation offered through the Office of Specialized Services.

Notetaking assignments are based on supply versus demand and the best fit determined for a particular class based on availability. The more time you have available, the higher the likelihood of finding a matching Notetaking assignment.

The job of Notetaker can be a volunteer position or you can be compensated for your services as Notetaker by the College.

Expectations of Notetakers

The notetaker is expected to:

  • Be registered for at least 6 credits during the semester hired as a notetaker
  • Have a 2.5 or higher GPA
  • In many cases it may be required that you have passed WRT-101 or higher
  • Show up for each and every class, and report absences when unavoidable.
  • Arrive for each notetaking assignment on time.
  • Take quality notes (with legible handwriting, good grammar, and spelling skills)
  • Get the notes to the student within 24 hours.
  • Notify the Notetaking Coordinator if notes are not being picked up or if the student receiving the notes misses two or more consecutive classes without notice.
  • Contact the Notetaking Coordinator or the OSS office if there are problems or concerns.
  • You may be required to type/scan/email your notes to the student receiving the accommodation.

Notetaker Responsibilities

Below are some of the notetaker’s responsibilities:

  1. Attend class on a regular basis and take comprehensive, legible notes. Notetakers should convey the information accurately, giving the content and the spirit of the speaker, to the best of their ability.
  2. Arrange a system of exchanging notes with the student with a disability
    (NOTE: Notes MUST be sent to the student within 24 hours):

    • Scan notes in the library and email to student (or Professor as per note taking arrangement / request)
    • Type and email notes to the student; this MUST be done within 24 hours
    • Hand notes to student immediately after class or
    • Suggest another system to the student to see if it works for both of you.
    • This MUST be done within 24 hours of the end of class
    • Get feedback on the notes from the instructor and the student, if possible
    • Notetakers may be required to show proof of note submission when filling out timesheets and before timesheets are submitted to payroll.
  3. Make an effort to arrange for notes to be available to the student when you are unable to attend class. Finding someone in the class may be helpful since he or she will be familiar with the subject matter and available without notice. Discuss arrangements for substitute notes with the student for whom you’re taking notes.
  4. Exchange notes with student on a regular basis (within 24 hours of the end of class). Get feedback on the notes from the instructor and the student, if possible. Notetakers may be required to show proof of note submission when filling out timesheets and before timesheets are submitted to payroll.
  5. Notetakers should not take notes if there is a prolonged absence of student you are taking notes for, unless they are asked to do so by the Office of Specialized Services.
  6. Notetaking is a confidential service. Once you are made aware of the student for whom you are providing notes, do not disclose to anyone the name of the student or any information about that student.
  7. Talk with the student you are taking notes for about the notes, your role, or any questions you might have. Concerns that cannot be addressed by the student should be brought to the attention of the Notetaking Coordinator.
  8. Follow ethical guidelines as established by Bergen Community College. Notetakers only take notes. They are not expected to act as tutors, explain course information, share personal opinions or advise students.
  9. If you will be absent, you MUST send an email to bccnotetakers@bergen.edu
  10. Once hired, you will be required to complete a mandatory training.
  11. Hiring Federal Work Study and Non-Federal Work Study
  12. For more information, please see www.bergen.edu/notetaking

Notetaking Contact Information

  • In-person assistance: visit Bergen Community College Office of Specialized Services, Room L-115, Pitkin Education Center.
  • Email: bccnotetakers@bergen.edu
  • Phone: (201) 612-5269.Notes:

Notes: When calling or emailing the Note Taking Services, be sure to provide your name (as it appears on your Bergen Student record), Bergen Student ID#, and class(es)/course sections the notetaking services are needed for.