Process for Students Requesting Accommodations for a Health Professions Admissions Exam:

Step One: If you are a new student to BCC requesting accommodations for the first time, please refer to the Student Eligibility Process

Step Two: Submit this ADA Distance Testing Accommodation Request Form & supporting documentation/official Accommodation letter to:

Step Three: Do not schedule your testing appointment with Prometric until you have received a response from the Elsevier Special Accommodations Team. Typically, a response to an accommodation request is given within six (6) weeks.


Process for Requesting Accommodations for the Nursing Entrance Exam (TEAS)

  • This test is currently being offered by ATI (Assessment Technology Institute)
  • The Testing Center is PSI
  1.  Student should create their account on ATI
  2. Click on “online store”
  3. Click on “TEAS @ PSI”
  4. Click on “Nursing” program
  5. Click on “Learn More”
  6. Click on the Blue Letter:  ADA Accommodation Link it will direct the student to submit their documentation/official Accommodation letter here.
  7. For more detailed instructions on creating an account with ATI and registration for this exam please see: HOW TO REGISTER FOR THE TEAS ASSESSMENT AT A PSI SITE