How to Apply for Financial Aid?

  • Bergen Community College’s Federal School Code for the FAFSA® is 004736.

FAFSA® Reminder: Complete your FAFSA® Form

The process for obtaining financial aid requires multiple steps.
We encourage all prospective and current students who need help applying for federal financial aid to view the following videos.

Students can complete the online FAFSA form using regular PC or Mac desktop devices desktop/tablet devices or mobiles/smartphones.

Recommended Option: Completing the FAFSA® using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) online form

The online FAFSA® form is accessible at

A- If you are a citizen or a permanent resident, you should complete a FAFSA®.

If you need some help on how to complete the FAFSA®, we recommend you review the “FAFSA® Getting Started 2020-21” video.
In this video playlist, you will be able to review the FAFSA® application process and get some tips on various topics including:

  • Creating a FSA ID
  • Answering Dependency status questions
  • Determining and report household size
  • Reporting parents demographics information and advice on what to do when unable to provide parents information
  • Answering parental marital status information
  • Providing tax information
  • Selecting the school/college/university
  • Signing and submitting the completed FAFSA® form

B- If you are not a citizen or a permanent resident but qualify for nonresident tuition waiver under NJ Senate Bill 2479 (The Tuition Equality Act /NJ DREAM Act), you should complete the New Jersey Alternate Financial Aid Application.

  • The New Jersey Alternative Financial Aid Application allows NJ Dreamers enrolled in eligible New Jersey colleges and universities to apply for state financial aid.
  • For more financial aid resources for New Jersey Dreamers, please visit HESAA’s NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application.

C- If you are looking for merit or need-based scholarships in addition to applying for financial aid, please consider to apply for:

  • Bergen Community College Foundation Scholarships
  • New Jersey Financial Aid Programs (Grants, Scholarships, Tuition benefits,).
    We recommend you review the following video playlists for eligibility information pertinent to certain programs including, Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Scholarship Program (LEOM), NJ Community College Opportunity Grant Program (CCOG), NJ Survivor Tuition Benefits Program (STB), NJ Tuition Aid Grant (TAG). NJ Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), NJ Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship Program (NJSTARS), NJ World Trade Center (WTC) Scholarship.

D- If you are a BCC student who will enroll in summer sessions at any BCC campus (Paramus, Hackensack, Meadowlands), please review the eligibility criteria and information about Summer Federal Aid and then follow up accordingly.