In order to receive Federal and New Jersey State grants, loans, scholarships, and work study, students must meet minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards while completing their Associate Degree or Certificate programs at Bergen Community College.

What SAP Stand for?

SAP measures students’ performance at the end of each semester in various areas, including completion rate, time frame, and cumulative grade point average.
More information on the Bergen Community College SAP Policies and Procedures can be found in the Catalog under the “Enrollment Services “ content section.

Quantitative Pace – [Cumulative Completion Rate = Credits attempted vs. Credits Earned]

Students must meet the minimum completion rate as outlined in the following table:

Attempted Credits Minimum Pace
Any Number of Credits 67%

Qualitative Pace – [Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)]

Students must have a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 on all hours attempted at Bergen to maintain financial aid assistance eligibility.

Maximum Time Frame

Students must meet the maximum time to complete their academic program.
This is 150% of the timeframe to complete their coursework as outlined in the following tables:

Associate Degree Program

Cumulative Attempted Credits Eligibility Status
1-69 Credits Acceptable
70 – 90 Credits Warning
91+ Credits Ineligible

Certificate Program

Cumulative Attempted Credits Eligibility Status
1-19 Credits Acceptable
20-45 Credits Warning
46+ Credits Ineligible

Health Profession Program

Cumulative Attempted Credits Eligibility Status
1-89 Credits In acceptable range
90 – 120 Credits Warning
121+ Credits Ineligible

Treatment of Grades, Repeats, Audit, Withdrawals, & Grades

The following table outlines how course grades are treated in the SAP calculation.

Course Grades Counted as Attempted? Counted as Completed? Counted in GPA? Included in Max Timeframe
Transferred Credits (TR) Yes Yes No Yes
Incompletes (N or I) Yes No No Yes
Official Withdrawal (W or CNP) Yes No Yes Yes
Unofficial Withdrawal (E) Yes No Yes Yes
Failure Grade – (F) Yes No Yes Yes
Passing Grades – (A, B, C, D, CP) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grades – Audit (AU) No No No No
Continuing Education Coursework No No No No
Remedial ESL / ALP Coursework Yes Yes Yes Yes

SAP Status Assignment after Calculation (end of each term)

SAP Status Description Eligible for Financial Aid?  SAP Appeal Eligibility Academic Progress Remarks
Satisfactory Yes Not Applicable Satisfactory GPA and Pace
Graduate 2nd Degree Yes Not Applicable Satisfactory GPA and Pace
Warning Yes Not Applicable Close to Not Meeting GPA and/or Pace SAP Standards
Warning Unsatisfactory Maximum Timeframe Yes Eligible to Appeal Close to Not Meeting Pace
Unsatisfactory No Eligible to Appeal Failed to meet GPA and/or Pace SAP Standards
Failed Academic Plan No Not Applicable Failed to meet Academic Plan Standards
Unsatisfactory Maximum Time Frame No

Eligible to Appeal IF graduating or recently enrolled in health program

Failed to Meet Pace Standard
Maximum Time Frame Denied No Not Applicable Exceed Pace Standard

How to Appeal to Reconsider Reinstatement of Financial Aid

When SAP is calculated at the end of term, students will be notified of their respective SAP status in their Bergen Self Service Portal Account and Email (Bergen Community College and Personal).
If they are not meeting the SAP standard, they can follow the steps below (also detailed in the email) to file an appeal to reconsider reinstatement of their financial aid.

  • STEP 1. See an Academic Counselor/Advisor to complete your academic plan.
    For in-person assistance, report to the Center for Student Success/One Stop Center, Room OS-102, Pitkin Education Center.
    Academic counselors contact information can be found at
    When contacting counselors in reference to SAP, make sure to use your Bergen Student Email, and include your Bergen Student ID#, your active Program of Study, and “Financial Aid SAP” in the Subject line.
  • STEP 2. Review the plan & your program of study with the counselor.
  • STEP 3. Check your Bergen CC email to complete the SAP Appeal.
    Notes: Make sure to include why you failed to meet the SAP standards AND how you will improve in the future.

Appeals will be reviewed by the Financial Aid SAP Committee.
Notification of Financial Aid SAP Committee’s decision will be posted to your Self-Service portal account and sent to your email within 3 business days (longer during peak times).  Until a decision is made, students are responsible for any classes they register for.
Information about SAP Appeal Submissions deadlines can be found on the Financial Aid Dates & Deadlines Web page.

SAP Status After Appeal Review by Committee

SAP Status Description Expectations/Remarks/Observations
Academic Plan
  • Plan only assigned for 3 terms
  • Must earn 2.25 GPA each semester while on plan
  • Must complete all registered classes while on plan
Health Professions Academic Plan
  • Must earn 2.25 GPA each semester while on plan
  • Must complete all registered classes while on plan
  • Progress will be reviewed closely until student reaches their 120-credit maximum time frame limit
  • No plausible explanation provided on appeal
  • Students’ academic progress does not show any satisfactory progress
  • Exceeds pace standard & student has more than 1 semester to graduate
Fall, Spring, or Summer Only
  • Approved for final semester of financial aid
  • Student will not be able to receive financial aid or appeal after this term

Second Review of SAP Appeal

If students’ SAP Appeal was denied, they can request a second review by the Assistant Vice President of Financial Aid.
For more information, contact [email protected]