About Prerequisites and Corequisites

Prerequisites and corequisites refer to academic requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to register for the desired course.
Satisfaction of such requirements may be facilitated through transfer credits where satisfactory completion of the requirement took place at an accredited institution.
Detailed information about the transfer requirements can be found on Transfer to Bergen Web page (www.bergen.edu/transfertobcc).
Please review the course descriptions included in the College’s catalog for all program requirements, including prerequisites and corequisites.
Detailed course descriptions are also accessible under Academics/Syllabi Central Web page.

Course Prerequisites Enforcement

Courses which require prerequisites list the prerequisite (and the minimum grade, if applicable) under the course title.

Plan ahead:

  • In some instances, prerequisite/corequisite requirements may require students to register for additional courses that may not be directly associated with their program of study.
  • You must already have passed or currently be enrolled in a prerequisite in order to register for a higher level course;

Prerequisites will be strictly enforced:

  • If you fail to pass a prerequisite course which you are currently taking, you will be dropped from the higher level course;
  • If you have completed prerequisites at another college or university, you will have to upload the supporting documentation on the online Remote Registration Form (RRF) which can be found under the Registration Calendar and Forms Web page;
  • If you acquire written permission from a BCC Academic Dean to take a higher-level course without completion of the required prerequisite, please upload the documentation on the online Remote Registration Form (RRF).