Test Scores and Placement Flow Chart

Placement into Developmental Math

Results of the Mathematics Basic Skills placement test will place the student into entry level Math courses.  Placement scores are based on 120 points.

Arithmetic Placement Scores
MAT-011-AL Basic Arithmetic AND
MAT-010-AL Basic Arithmetic
3 credits (one semester)
1 credit taken with MAT-011-AL (one semester)
MAT-011 Basic Arithmetic
3 credits (one semester)
MAT-012 Basic Arithmetic
1 credits (seven week period)


Algebra Placement Scores

MAT-040 Algebra for Liberal Arts

(planning to take MAT-130, MAT-150 and/or MAT-155)

4 credits (one semester)

MAT-048 Algebra

(planning to take MAT-160 or MAT-180 and beyond)

5 credits (one semester)

Challenging Placement in the Developmental Mathematics Program

Challenge of the placement is allowed ONE TIME and the Basic Mathematics and Algebra must be challenged separately and in sequence.  Review material is on www.bergen.edu/testing and click on Accuplacer Study Guides. The ONE TIME challenge is taken in the Testing Center in the One Stop Center, Room OS-102.

College Credit

Developmental Mathematics courses are “non-degree” credits. This means the credits do not count in the total number of credits required for graduation. In most cases, these credits do not transfer to other colleges.

GPA – Grade Point Average

Developmental Mathematics Courses are averaged into the cumulative grade point average.