Devon Cafaro Spotlight Devon Cafaro - "Bergen truly changed my college experience..."
Maciej Szajwaj Spotlight Maciej Szajwaj - "The clinical and classroom experience at Bergen has given me the fundamental pieces of education I needed..."
Sharon Mancini Spotlight Sharon Mancini - "Bergen Community College offered me the starting point on a career in nursing that has now spanned over 30 years..."
Ellen Denuto Faculty Spotlight Ellen Denuto - "I shared my knowledge and expertise in traditional photography practices and provided a historic context for students..."
Keanu Carbon Spotlight Keanu Carbon - "Bergen Community College gave me a new beginning..."
Hamza Chah Spotlight Hamza Chah - "...Without this experience, I would not be the outgoing student I am today..."
Laila Metwaly Spotlight Laila Metwaly - "The NJ STARS program and scholarship allowed me to fully focus on my education and academics at Bergen..."
Bryant Gomez Spotlight Bryant Gomez - "My time at Bergen led me to become the leader and scholar that I always wanted to be..."
Amirah Elayan Spotlight Amirah Elayan - "My time in the JKW School of Honors boosted my confidence as a student..."
Jenna Santacroce Spotlight Jenna Santacroce - "NJ Stars enabled me to focus on my studies, extracurricular activities, and personal and professional development..."