Ryo Murao Ryo Murao - "Bergen had the resources for me to prepare to transfer to a four-year college."
Kate Del Castillo Kate Del Castillo - "...I'll never give up and I know I am getting there!"
Annie Echeverry Annie Echeverry - "My personal dedication and determination has made me successful at Bergen."
Darianny Bautista Darianny Bautista - "From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew I wanted to make an impact here."
Joanna Augelletta Joanna Augelletta - "Bergen allows me to explore different career options."
Dontae Trench Dontae Trench - "I was drawn to athletics and affordability at Bergen."
Joshua Rota-Tebb Joshua Rota-Tebb - "I came to Bergen out of necessity, but stayed because of the people I met here."
Petar Petroski Petar Petroski - "Bergen offers an amazing education at a 2-year institution at a better price."
Devon Cafaro Spotlight Devon Cafaro - "Bergen truly changed my college experience..."
Maciej Szajwaj Spotlight Maciej Szajwaj - "The clinical and classroom experience at Bergen has given me the fundamental pieces of education I needed..."