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Carol Judson, ’76 - “I appreciated that Bergen was supportive of working students."
Tara Reyes Tara Reyes - “I know Bergen Community College's nursing program will get me there.”
Richard Boada Maldonado Richard Boada Maldonado,’23 - “Bergen gave me the opportunity to shine as a student and future engineer."
Sebastian Mattio-Smith Sebastian Mattio-Smith,’24 - “The STEM Student Scholars is the best academic program at Bergen.”
Miseon Shin Miseon Shin - “I chose Bergen Community College because I wanted to further my education as a Korean national citizen who was new to the country and culture of America."
Austin Jacobson Austin Jacobson - “I chose Bergen because of the nursing program's high NCLEX exam pass rate and its proximity to my home."
Christopher Gagliardi Christopher Gagliardi, ’22 - “Take that leap of faith, go forward in your dreams, and live life abundantly!”
Roman Stobnicki Roman Stobnicki - “I chose the NJ Stars program at Bergen so I can give more time to focus on my studies...”
Professor William Klappert flying FL 400 Paris to Morristown Professor William Klappert - “My years of mentoring pilots and hiring the best candidates leads to student success.”
Hellen Hurtado Hellen Hurtado - “Pursuing a major in aviation allows me to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a pilot while embarking on a career path that continues to fuel my love for flight."
Brianna Peralta Brianna Peralta, ’24 - “The NJ Stars Program has proven to have provided me with many opportunities going into college..."
Amanda Sheehy Amanda Sheehy - “What I enjoyed most about the DSP program was I got to not only learn material in a classroom setting but it allowed us to go into the community and do an internship...”
Charlotte Farley Charlotte Farley - “Documented history has only ever really been portrayed in a man’s perspective and this course of study seeks to change that."
Darianny Bautista Darianny Bautista, ‘23 - “From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew I wanted to make an impact here.”
Mariely Rodriguez Mariely Rodriguez - “Bergen has made me successful with the many resources the College has!”
Evan Miller - "...I wanted to obtain a better education and better opportunities..."
Jennifer Barrera Jennifer Barrera - "Having a strong support system" helped me succeed!
Christopher Hernandez Christopher Hernandez - “I chose Bergen because it was the perfect option for me to pursue a career change that I was excited about."
Maria Frometea Lora Maria Frometa Lora - “The people at Bergen want to see you succeed...”
Ramil Pere Acosta Ramil Pere Acosta - "...this experience will live with me always."
Naana Owusu-Abboah Naana Owusu-Abboah - “I chose Bergen Community College because it was my best option financially for my major.”
Reese Ferrante, '23 Reese Ferrante, ’23 - “I chose Bergen Community College because it is close to home and has an exemplary Nursing program that promotes student success.”
Jacqueline Caraballo Jacqueline Caraballo - “I chose Bergen because it is one of the top community colleges..."
Chelsea Antwi Chelsea Antwi - “Bergen’s excellent reputation and its close proximity to my house made the decision to attend simple."
Ashley Celdo Rodriguez Ashley Celdo Rodriguez - “Bergen is the #1 community college in the state!”
Kevin Gordillo Kevin Gordillo - “I chose Bergen Community College because I wanted to further my aviation knowledge in order to get ahead of the competition.”
Panuha Were, '23 Panuha Were, ‘23 - “It’s no secret that Bergen provides the best environment for students..."
Loried Delgado Cotrina Loried Delgado Cotrina - “I've learned so much English and that makes it easier to reach my goals..."
Ronda Drakeford Professor Ronda Drakeford - “I love the diverse student population at Bergen!”
Amelia Urena Amelia Urena - Bergen provides "the flexibility to explore my passions freely..."
Alejandro Olarte Alejandro Olarte - “Bergen Community College is the perfect choice for me..."
Pamela Roca Pamela Roca - “I chose Bergen Community College because it has a wide variety of diverse students, staff, and faculty...”
Dr. Peter Dlugos Dr. Peter Dlugos - “Bergen was, and continues to be, a place of tremendous opportunity.”
Darianny Bautista Darianny Bautista - "From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew I wanted to make an impact here."
Ronald Nayda Ronald Nayda, ‘22 - Bergen Community College alumnus, Ronald Nayda, ’22, graduated with an associate’s degree in history and strives to become a history professor one day. When asked why he chose Bergen to obtain his associate’s degree, Nayda said, “Bergen community College offers a quality...
Rhonda Stanbridge-Richardsen Rhonda Stanbridge-Richardsen, ’15 - Just like many high school students and their families, choosing a college was confusing for Rhonda Stanbridge-Richardsen. This was especially true because her parents did not pursue education beyond an associate’s degree. Even though Rhonda was eligible for the NJ STARS program,...
Luis Sanchez Luis Sanchez - Luis Sanchez, of Lodi, attributed most of his post-graduation success to his start as an NJ STARS student. While at Bergen Community College, Sanchez held leadership positions in Phi Theta Kappa and the Bergen Honors Association where he helped to develop a...
Michael Petrazzuolo Michael Petrazzuolo, ’20 - Michael Petrazzuolo, of Oakland, is a first-generation college student who began his academic journey as a NJ STARS student at Bergen Community College. The NJ STARS scholarship allowed Petrazzuolo to focus on academics and involve himself across numerous organizations on campus. Originally...
Amanda Karpinski Amanda Karpinski, ’17 - Amanda Karpinski, of Carlstadt, chose Bergen Community College because of the NJ STARS program and felt that Bergen Community College far exceeded her expectations. Attending Bergen Community College and accepting the NJ STARS program was probably one of the best decisions in...
Kaden Stevens Kaden Stevens - "Bergen was filled with opportunities and resources that I need to succeed..."
Mateo Armas Mateo Armas - "...I was offered the NJ Stars Scholarship"
Rebekah Dejesus Rebekah Dejesus, ‘23 - “I chose Bergen not only for the rave reviews I heard regarding the culinary program, but also the accessibility..."
Wiktoria Brauntsch Wiktoria Brauntsch - "My brother attended Bergen..."
Wilson Burke Wilson Burke - “I was confident that Bergen was a strong choice for me to experience academia..."
Shiwa Yangzom Shiwa Yangzom - “By getting involved on campus, I have met professors, advisors, and peers who always support me..."
Phillip Pavot Phillip Pavot - "Bergen is affordable..."
Rohan McMillan Nanala McMillan - “I wanted to figure out my life step by step..."
Askar Mirza Askar Mirza - “I felt it would give me a chance to start fresh and rebuild..."
Kaylie Quezada Kaylie Quezada - "Bergen has exceptional professors and staff..."
Christopher Martinez Christopher Martinez, ‘23 - “Bergen is among the best community colleges in the area..."
Dr. Mina Ahn Dr. Mina Ahn - “I am grateful for the fact that my ‘work’ at community college can directly contribute to social equity...”
Joana Constantino Professor Joana Constantino - “I decided to work at Bergen because I have seen the impact Bergen has on the students, faculty, and community..."
Diana Constantino Professor Diana Constantino - “When I work at Bergen, it does not feel like a job but an enjoyable hobby that you look forward to every day.”
Dontae Trench Dontae Trench, ’24 - "Top community college in New Jersey with a great campus, teachers, and affordability."
Sparsh Gandhi Sparsh Gandhi, ’22 - "Bergen has one of the best college experiences!"
Sophia Marquez Sophia Marquez - “Bergen has helped me form strong bonds with amazing people, teachers, coaches, and others.”
Margo Cusco Margo Cusco, ‘23 - "I owe all my success to the dedicated staff members and professors..."
Liangy Gomerez Liangy Gomerez, ’24 - "...I wouldn’t be who I am as of now."
Karla Santamaria Karla Santamaria, ‘23 - “...I fell in love with the campus and how everybody was so welcoming."
Jaykson Metaute Jaykson Metaute, ‘23 - “Getting involved is what helped me enjoy my experience at Bergen..."
Sultan Kahloon Sultan Kahloon, ’23 - "It is an educational crossroads where all things are possible."
TaylorLee White TaylorLee White - "I want to further my education and begin my career to excel."
Abubacar Keita Abubacar Kieta, ’23 - "I needed a fresh start and Bergen was the perfect place to ease into the college life."
Mahek Shah Mahek Shah - "Bergen has a great campus and faculty"
Teresa Petrazzuolo Teresa Petrazzuolo, ’22 - "I saw my two older brothers go through Bergen and attend prestigious universities..."
Anthony De Franco Anthony De Franco, ’10 - "I am helping our deaf communities in New Jersey."
Ryo Murao Ryo Murao, ’22 - "Bergen had the resources for me to prepare to transfer to a four-year college."
Kate Del Castillo Kate Del Castillo - "...I'll never give up and I know I am getting there!"
Annie Echeverry Annie Echeverry, ’21 - "My personal dedication and determination has made me successful at Bergen."
Joanna Augelletta Joanna Augelletta, ’23 - "Bergen allows me to explore different career options."
Joshua Rota-Tebb Joshua Rota-Tebb - "I came to Bergen out of necessity, but stayed because of the people I met here."
Petar Petroski Petar Petroski, ’22 - "Bergen offers an amazing education at a 2-year institution at a better price."
Devon Cafaro Spotlight Devon Cafaro - "Bergen truly changed my college experience..."
Maciej Szajwaj Spotlight Maciej Szajwaj, ‘20 - "The clinical and classroom experience at Bergen has given me the fundamental pieces of education I needed..."
Sharon Mancini Spotlight Professor Sharon Mancini - "Bergen Community College offered me the starting point on a career in nursing that has now spanned over 30 years..."
Ellen Denuto Faculty Spotlight Professor Ellen Denuto - "I shared my knowledge and expertise in traditional photography practices and provided a historic context for students..."
Keanu Carbon Spotlight Keanu Carbon, ’18 - "Bergen Community College gave me a new beginning..."
Hamza Chah Spotlight Hamza Chah, ’21 - "The JKW Honors program has helped prepare me for four-year university courses and enriched my learning experience at Bergen Community College..."
Laila Metwaly Spotlight Laila Metwaly, ’21 - "The NJ STARS program and scholarship allowed me to fully focus on my education and academics at Bergen..."
Bryant Gomez Spotlight Bryant Gomez, ’19 - "My time at Bergen led me to become the leader and scholar that I always wanted to be..."
Amirah Elayan Spotlight Amirah Elayan, ’20 - "My time in the JKW School of Honors boosted my confidence as a student..."
Jenna Santacroce Spotlight Jenna Santacroce, ’20 - "NJ Stars enabled me to focus on my studies, extracurricular activities, and personal and professional development..."
Natasha Pineiros Spotlight Natasha Piñeiros - "Knowing I had the financial backing of NJ STARS, I was able to focus my energy on my academics and student involvement..."
Genesis Capellan Spotlight Genesis Capellan, ’21 - "NJ STARS gave me the opportunity to begin my college experience without any debt..."
Mikiko Freund Spotlight Mikiko Freund, ’19 - "I would not be where I am today without NJ STARS..."
Paige Kim spotlight profile Paige Kim - "Bergen Community College provides me with rare learning opportunities..."
Steven Korvin spotlight portrait Steven Korvin, ’21 - "Bergen’s computer science department has allowed me to partake in... computer programming and information security, which are two things that I have always been interested in.”
Juliana Pinto spotlight portrait Juliana Pinto, ’20 - "My small business is my passion"
Diego Garces spotlight portrait Diego Garces, ’07 - "Bergen introduced me to a whole world of possibilities and cultures."
Hyejin Kim spotlight portrait HyeJin Kim - "Bergen's computer science program provides research internship opportunities for students during the summer."
Nalby Kadkoui spotlight portrait Nalby Kadkoui - "Bergen allowed me to gain practical experience and innovate while earning an amazing education."
Ymer Dinoshi spotlight portrait Ymer Dinoshi - "There are many tutors who are dedicated to the students at the CLAC. I hope they can get the same recognition as me."
Katie Conte Katie Conte - "Bergen is more than an investment in knowledge, it is an investment in the future."
Portrait of Giovanna Young Giovanna Young - "The professors are very supportive and invested in your success by always encouraging you to do your best."
Lindsey Njanja, ’19 - “I met amazing professors who were willing to nurture my talents and mold me into the person I am today.”
Maria De Abreu Pineda Profile Picture Maria De Abreu Pineda, ’14 - “Bergen provided me with a strong academic foundation and a set of tools that have allowed me to succeed academically and professionally. .."
Robin Yoo Profile Picture Robin Yoo, ’20 - "At Bergen I found unimaginable personal growth and an inspiring community of passionate and driven individuals..."