Sultan Kahloon Sultan Kahloon - "It is an educational crossroads where all things are possible."
TaylorLee White TaylorLee White - "I want to further my education and begin my career to excel."
Abubacar Keita Abubacar Kieta - "I needed a fresh start and Bergen was the perfect place to ease into the college life."
Mahek Shah Mahek Shah - "Bergen has a great campus and faculty"
Teresa Petrazzuolo Teresa Petrazzuolo - "I saw my two older brothers go through Bergen and attend prestigious universities..."
Anthony De Franco Anthony De Franco - "I am helping our deaf communities in New Jersey."
Ryo Murao Ryo Murao - "Bergen had the resources for me to prepare to transfer to a four-year college."
Kate Del Castillo Kate Del Castillo - "...I'll never give up and I know I am getting there!"
Annie Echeverry Annie Echeverry - "My personal dedication and determination has made me successful at Bergen."
Darianny Bautista Darianny Bautista - "From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew I wanted to make an impact here."